Hello, My Dear SISTERS In Christ!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We are so excited that you have visited our website! We want you to have a wonderful and engaging experience while visiting this website! Because you are here, will you allow us to testify about God’s goodness? Well, the theme for this year is God-breathed, “Clinging To Christ In Crisis.” We truly feel that this is something to which all of us can relate because, as a whole, we had a crazy 2020 calendar year, and the challenges are continuing into this 2021 calendar year! But God has been so very good in the midst of it all! After our 2020 SISTERS Spiritual Conference in March, God has been allowing us to get fed spiritually since September. We had Virtual Forums that served as the springboard for the excitement we have about what God is going to do at this Virtual 2021 SISTERS Spiritual Conference! Here are the Virtual Forums that we engaged:

  1. In September 2020, we had a forum entitled, “How Do I Get Balance In My Life?  

  2. In October 2020, we had a forum entitled, “The Reality of Domestic Violence.”

  3. In November 2020, we had a forum entitled, “Our Health Matters.”

  4. In December 2020, we had a forum entitled, “No More Stress.”

  5. In January 2021, we had a forum entitled, “The Secret Sins.”


And, now in February, we will be blessed to have a virtual version of our Faithful Fridays In February series! Please check our SISTERS of The Saint Facebook page for flyers advertising these services and more details. All 3 of the speakers are phenomenal preachers and we know that you will be blessed!

For those of you who were blessed to attend some or all of the Virtual Forums, let’s continue our journey! For those who are just joining us on this journey, come on with us and we trust that the excitement will be so contagious, that you too will be just as excited!  

We look forward to you registering and catching this early bird special that is so reasonable for all that you are getting! It is ONLY $40. You can’t get your hair done; have a decent dinner; or buy an outfit for $40! So, make the investment in yourself, and we promise you that God will meet you in this virtual space! Click the register button and take advantage of the early bird registration until 2-16-21! After that, the price will increase. Invite a friend, relative, co-worker or neighbor. I guarantee you—there is something for everyone at this conference! I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces in this virtual space!

Finally, we are blessed to have an awesome Women’s Leadership Team, here at The Saint, and they will ensure that any question you may have or clarification that is needed will be addressed. Just go to the tab that states “Questions,” and someone will assist you with a response within 24 hours. We look forward to “Clinging To Christ in Crisis,” TOGETHER! Love you ladies, but Jesus loves you best!


Clinging To Christ,

Rev. Sharon D. Moore

Executive Pastor & SISTERS Spiritual Director

St. Andrew AMEC

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